Wooden on Leadership: How to Create a Winning Organization

Wooden on Leadership: How to Create a Winning Organization

John Wooden, Steve Jamison

Language: English

Pages: 302

ISBN: 0071453393

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A Wall Street Journal Bestseller

A compelling look inside the mind and powerful leadership methods of America’s coaching legend, John Wooden

"Team spirit, loyalty, enthusiasm, determination. . . . Acquire and keep these traits and success should follow."
--Coach John Wooden

John Wooden’s goal in 41 years of coaching never changed; namely, to get maximum effort and peak performance from each of his players in the manner that best served the team. Wooden on Leadership explains step-by-step how he pursued and accomplished this goal. Focusing on Wooden’s 12 Lessons in Leadership and his acclaimed Pyramid of Success, it outlines the mental, emotional, and physical qualities essential to building a winning organization, and shows you how to develop the skill, confidence, and competitive fire to “be at your best when your best is needed”--and teach your organization to do the same.

Praise for Wooden on Leadership:

“What an all-encompassing Pyramid of Success for leadership! Coach Wooden’s moral authority and brilliant definition of success encompass all of life. How I admire his life’s work and concept of what it really means to win!”
--Stephen R. Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People and The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

Wooden On Leadership offers valuable lessons no matter what your endeavor. 'Competitive Greatness' is our goal and that of any successful organization. Coach Wooden’s Pyramid of Success is where it all starts.”
--Jim Sinegal, president & CEO, Costco

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+ U (Conditioning + Fundamentals + Unity). Simple as that. Only not so simple. Having seen the equations of each man—one a master of science, the other of leadership—you are no closer to being able to create atomic energy than to winning 10 national championships. To truly comprehend the substance of what their formulas represent is perhaps a lifetime’s work. Thus, this book will save you time when it comes to identifying and implementing John Wooden’s leadership genius in ways that best suit

fundamentals, and unity. I adopted his style of basketball when I began coaching and kept to it for the 40 seasons that followed. But I also realized these same three qualities transcended the game of basketball. Successfully applied, they had the potential to teach what it takes to achieve success off the court, in life and in leading any type of organization or team. Their importance is such that I placed them directly in the middle of my Pyramid of Success—at the center of the structure.

happened in a dream, I would have said upon waking that I’d just had a terrible nightmare. What was happening, however, wasn’t a dream. What am I? Just a teacher—a member of one of the great professions in the world. My teaching had accomplished good things, but in the process it had created a level of attention that eventually drove me away. I had to get out, but perhaps I didn’t even know it until seconds after I shook Coach Crum’s hand following that semifinal game. Minutes later I told our

players is essential. During a game, teammates must constantly be talking to one another, warning one another, encouraging one another in all areas of the game. I even designated the number 5 player (a guard) as “the director,” the individual most responsible for initiating communication on plays, both offensively and defensively. Communication is essential in sports. The same is perhaps true with your team. Do you stress and teach good communication? Of course, it starts with the leader. Are

potential and abilities of those under your leadership marks you as a great competitor and leader. Some years, the teams I taught were blessed with significant talent. Other years, this was not the case. But in all years—with all levels of talent—my goal was the same, namely, to get the most out of what we had. This book has attempted to share my philosophy for doing that. I also wish to say again how much my dad’s practical wisdom affected me in my leadership. His example and words were—and

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