The Scorpion's Sweet Venom: The Diary of a Brazilian Call Girl

The Scorpion's Sweet Venom: The Diary of a Brazilian Call Girl

Bruna Surfistinha, Jorge Tarquini

Language: English

Pages: 76

ISBN: 2:00358911

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"If I'm going to be a prostitute, I refuse to be an ordinary one."

Known to her clients as "Bruna the Surfer Girl," Surfistinha is the beautiful 17-year-old Brazilian run-away from a middle class family who detailed online her three years working as a prostitute in a posh Brazilian suburb. Her candid and explicit entries on life as a high-class call girl caught the attention of millions and set off a vigorous national debate about sexual identity, values, and practices. As a result, Bruna became an immediate celebrity, the Paris Hilton of Brazil. Here, in The Scorpion's Sweet Venom, she draws back the sheets to reveal the whole story. Bruna writes passionately about her estranged family, her out-of-control drug use, her unbridled sexuality, and her unusual adventures in the world's oldest profession. "I have seen and done everything," she confesses. "There is nothing left that scares me."

Part memoir, part cautionary tale, part sex guide, Bruna brings to life the raw, desperate and dangerous underbelly of the Brazilian sex trade, and shares outrageous advice for the bedroom, like what men really want but are too afraid to ask. Provocative, seductive and unforgettable, The Scorpion's Sweet Venom is the vivid account of a young girl's life on the street, and a fearless expression of human sexuality.

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or techno if I want to liven things up; if he's nice, I prefer Jota Quest, Emerson Nogueira, something more romantic). I'm wearing a really short, provocative skirt and a top that shows off my breasts. All easy to take off. Or have taken off. I'm wearing stilettos. Not that I mind being short. It's part of my charm. The doorbell rings. I let him in. He kisses me on the cheek and introduces himself, since this is his first time with me. Although I don't have to, I do the same. I take his hand and

flushing after every meal and the way I'd rush off. I took to vomiting in a newspaper so I wouldn't have to flush the toilet. Who knows why I went into such a bad depression. Well, actually, I do know. I thought I was fat and ugly, I was adopted, and I had problems with my dad . . . As if that weren't enough, when I turned sixteen, after the fuck-up at Bandeirantes and the fact that the story had also spread to Maria Imaculada, I found myself with no friends. It got to a point where I couldn't

computers, which ensured me a certain amount of privacy, even if only in the virtual world. I'd always been crazy about the Internet and spent hours surfing, writing and, of course, flirting on-line. Until the day I fell in love with a boy through the computer screen. It's true. We arranged to meet. Face to face, I thoughthe was horrible. If we hadn't been in love . . . We started going out for real. At home, we suffered a lot of prejudice because he was a delivery boy. Daddy's little girl,

we've done nearly everything. The only thing left is' 'Well, it's not happening. Sorry.' I always made up an excuse and disappeared. For the boy, who was older, I'd be just 'one more'. And I didn't want to be just 'one more'. I would have felt used. There was still a little reason left in my romantic head. Have sex in that place and never see the guy again? It wasn't my idea of what my first time should be like. Not to mention my fear of the pain and bleeding that teen magazines talked about.

comes first so she gets turned on and ready for everything else. 11) If you can't work out how your partner prefers something, ask gently. 12) Show love and affection afterwards - talk, smoke a cigarette or just hold one another. Coming, rolling over and going to sleep is the pits . . . 13) Don't fake orgasms just to make your partner happy. If it didn't happen, it didn't happen. 14) Discover new positions. Missionary every day - no way. 15) If you have a fantasy that will definitely

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