The Plot to Seize the White House: The Shocking TRUE Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow F.D.R.

The Plot to Seize the White House: The Shocking TRUE Story of the Conspiracy to Overthrow F.D.R.

Jules Archer

Language: English

Pages: 189

ISBN: 1632203588

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Many people might not know that in 1933, a group of wealthy industrialists—working closely with groups like the K.K.K. and the American Liberty League—planned to overthrow the U.S. government and run FDR out of office in a fascist coup. Readers will learn of their plan to turn unhappy war veterans into American “brown shirts,” depose F.D.R., and stop the New Deal. They asked Medal of Honor recipient and Marine Major General Smedley Darlington Butler to work with them and become the “first American Caesar.” Fortunately, Butler was a true patriot. Instead of working for the fascist coup, he revealed the plot to journalists and to Congress.

Archer writes a compelling account of a ploy that would have turned FDR into fascist puppet, threatened American democracy and changed the course of history. This book not only reveals the truth behind this shocking episode in history, but also tells the story of the man whose courage and bravery prevented it from happening.

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tongues cut out, nailed to a door; an old Chinese mandarin pinned to his bed by a huge sword; village streets strewn with fly-covered corpses, their skulls smashed in. The Boxers were just as ruthless with Chinese “traitors” as with luckless foreigners. In one village a Chinese family, frightened by the allied army’s approach, jumped into a canal and tried to drown themselves. Butler and his men rescued them and pinioned them firmly while an interpreter explained that the troops would not harm

boxing. All we could do was to see that mutinous Chinese troops didn’t get out of hand and shoot Americans. It was up to me to prevent a repetition of the Boxer and Nanking difficulties.” When the danger to Shanghai seemed to ease while growing more critical in the North, Butler left two thousand Marines stationed in the city under Colonel Henry Davis, and led four thousand men up to Tientsin. Not too clear about the mission expected of him, he wrote his father asking for clarification. His

be worthless paper. Butler was baffled. What did a return to the gold standard have to do with the Legion? Why were MacGuire and Doyle being paid to force this speech on the convention—and who was paying them? 4 Butler detected an odor of intrigue. Some kind of outlandish scheme, he was convinced, was afoot. Knowing little about the gold standard, why Roosevelt had taken the country off it or who stood to gain by its restoration and why, he began thumbing through the financial pages of

unchallengeable as Butler’s, would have had any unsavory dealings with the plotters, however patrician his outlook. As for involvement of the American Legion, MacGuire had obviously been influential enough in the organization to have been made chairman of the “distinguished guest committee” of its convention, on the staff of National Commander Louis Johnson, former Secretary of Defense and head of a large law firm in Clarksburg, West Virginia. There is solid evidence that MacGuire had been able

chose Smedley Butler because they needed an ‘enlisted man’s general,’ not a ‘general’s general.’ They had to have a colorful figure half a million or more veterans who had been privates and noncoms would follow. General Butler was the most popular one.” “If General Butler had been an ambitious man like Aaron Burr and had been willing to be the Man on the White Horse for the plotters, do you think their conspiracy to take over the White House, with all that money behind it, might have succeeded?”

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