The Education of a Coach

The Education of a Coach

David Halberstam

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1401301541

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Pulitzer Prize-winner David Halberstam's bestseller takes you inside the football genius of Bill Belichick for an insightful profile in leadership.

Bill Belichick's thirty-one years in the NFL have been marked by amazing success--most recently with the New England Patriots. In this groundbreaking book, David Halberstam explores the nuances of both the game and the man behind it. He uncovers what makes Bill Belichick tick both on and off the field.

"Halberstam does for the three-time Super Bowl winner what Moneyball did for the Oakland A's Billy Beane."
--Best Life

"If you want to learn about schooling and allegiance and leadership and, most of all, football, by all means--slip inside the sweatshirt."
--The Wall Street Journal

"Halberstam takes the classic sports-bio formula--one stellar performer's rise to the pinnacle of American sport--and transforms it into a nuance-rich story of individual triumph and social history."

"In describing the triumph of 'an unadorned man,' a coach without artifice, Halberstam has created a tale of excellence."
--The New York Times Book Review

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enough to hold what became informal seminars, as they explained to an outsider the changing nature of the professional game and the brutal pressures on elite coaches. There are two other people to whom I am especially indebted: Berj Najarian is Belichick’s personal assistant, in effect an ambassador from the rest of the world to Belichick and from Belichick to the rest of the world. He is bright, enthusiastic, as disciplined as his boss, and very good at knowing when the windows of opportunity

Belichick was something special, a man not to be underestimated, that there was a signature to a Belichick team: Whatever the opposition did in the first half, his team tended to take away in the second half. But then in 1991 he got a chance to become the head coach at Cleveland, and there he was judged to have fallen on his face, although under closer inspection he had done a good deal better under rather difficult circumstances than he got credit for. The Cleveland tour had created a view that

his meals with Marchibroda on the head coach’s tab. “Ted could probably have declared him as an income tax deduction,” Steve Belichick said later. It was for him the beginning of the greatest football seminar imaginable; he was part of the highest level of football coaching all day long, privy to the coaches’ talk, seeing how they worked and taught. If they got through work early enough, they went back to the Howard Johnson’s, and talked football all through dinner and into the night. No one

always been dependent on, more than anything else, their strength. That strength tends to produce a very strong macho culture. All professional sports locker rooms have a certain macho culture: Basketball players, for example, are often very macho, but there is a certain delicacy and balance built into the bodies of many of them, and therefore it’s a slightly different strain of macho. But football is different. It is more about pure size and strength than other sports: The players are all macho

Henson and as the Sports Illustrated piece noted, Bobby Bowden at Florida State, the coach of one of the country’s ranking football powers, had gone so far as to promise not to recruit another quarterback for two years if Henson chose the Seminoles. He was an icon before he threw his first college pass. The object of all that attention was all of eighteen years old at the time, but already, as the Sports Illustrated writer, Leigh Montville, noted, if you typed out his name on Yahoo!, there were

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