Suddenly Last Summer and Other Plays (Penguin Modern Classics)

Suddenly Last Summer and Other Plays (Penguin Modern Classics)

Tennessee Williams

Language: English

Pages: 177

ISBN: 0141191090

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

These three dramatic works by Tennessee Williams explore the darker side of human nature and are haunted by a sense of isolation and regret. 'Suddenly Last Summer' is the starkly told story of Catherine, who seemingly goes insane after her cousin Sebastian dies in grisly circumstances on a trip to Europe. 'The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore' is a passionate examination of a wealthy old woman as she recounts her memories in the face of death, while in 'Small Craft Warnings' a motley group of people - including a blowsy beautician, a discredited alcoholic doctor, a vulnerable waif and two gay men - sit around a seedy bar on the Californian coast, each contemplating their own desperate fate.

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flattened out, made into – DOCTOR: What? CATHARINE: Cymbals! You know? Cymbals? DOCTOR: Yes. Brass plates hit together. CATHARINE: That’s right, Doctor. – Tin cans flattened out and clashed together! – Cymbals … DOCTOR: Yes. I understand. What’s after that, in the vision? CATHARINE [rapidly, panting a little]: And others had paper bags, bags made out of – coarse paper! – with something on a string inside the bags which they pulled up and down, back and forth, to make a sort of a – DOCTOR:

your Vassar-girl voice, and I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT! – You know goddam well. I’m talking about my fourth husband, the last one, the one I married for love, who plunged off the Grande Corniche between Monte Carlo and – died that night in my arms in a clinic at Nice: and my heart died with him! Forever. [Her voice breaks.] BLACKIE: I’m sorry, Mrs Goforth. [Puts out cigarette.] – I’m no writer but I do think in writing there has to be some kind of logical – sequence, continuity – between one bit

downstage with the microphone.] It’s closed, I tear it open, I leave him alone with his death, his – BLACKIE: She’s out of bed, she’s going out on the – [She rushes into the wings: light dims on the blue villa bed.] MRS GOFORTH [dropping the microphone as she moves out on the white villa terrace]: I’ve gone out, now, I’m outside, I’m on the terrace, twenty-five stories over the high, high city of Goforth, I see lights blazing as bright as the blaze of terror that I saw in his eyes! [She

the ring. LEONA, a large, ungainly woman, is wearing white clam-digger slacks and a woolly pink sweater. On her head of dyed corkscrew curls is a sailor’s hat which she occasionally whips off her head to slap something with – the bar, a tabletop, somebody’s back – to emphasize a point. There are abrupt changes of position at the downstage table at her entrance, but she notices only BILL there.] LEONA: YOUUUUU … MOTHER! I was talkin’ to you from the stove and you weren’t there! [BILL chuckles

scare me. I’ll die some night up those steps, I’ll die in the night alone, and I hope it don’t wake me up, that I just slip away, quietly. [LEONA has returned. The light in the bar comes up but remains at a low level.] LEONA:… Is there a steam engine in here? Did somebody drive in here on a steam engine while I was out? MONK [returning from his meditation]:… Did what? LEONA: I hear something going huff-huff like an old locomotive pulling into a station. [She is referring to a sound like a

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