Smile: The Story of Lily Allen

Smile: The Story of Lily Allen

Bella Wolfson

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 1849380619

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Winning awards, losing love, longing for stability and affection, being pitted against Amy Winehouse by the press - Lily's meteoric rise to fame has been peppered with extreme highs and lows, no lower than when she tragically suffered a miscarriage in 2008. A story that was, like every step of Lily's life, pored over by the press. Unlike many more demure pop princesses, Lily smokes, drinks, eats - yes, eats - and has a damn good time doing it, all the while keeping the tabloids on their toes. From her debut album "Alright, Still" to sophomore release "It's Not Me, It's You", Lily has been singing sweetly about all of it from bad sex, naughty boys, beating depression, joint-smoking brothers, cocaine to her gran, her insecurities and her home town.

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want to hide from the world and retreat into her thoughts. But alongside music, one of the only things that would give her some relief from her own head was a big night out. She received arguably her first serious wake-up call far from home, however, during the same year she ditched school. Alison had planned a holiday for her and her kids in the Nineties party Mecca Ibiza, and Lily couldn’t wait. Up to now (despite having been away to Italy and France with her dad and Nira), the idea of a

her. I checked out a mix CD of a few of her songs and I liked what she was doing,” he told Mix Online, “So we met up in the studio and we ended up writing a song together, ‘Everything’s Just Wonderful.’ I listened back to it and decided I really liked it, so we took it from there. “For the songs we did together for her first record, I had a few tracks that I had started,” he continues. “I’d play her ideas, and she’d say, ‘Oh, I like that,’ or, ‘What if we changed that this way,’ and she’d start

teams of dancers, outrageous sets (“I’d never thought, ‘What would my set design be like?’ before …”) and the star of the show was looking more glamorous than ever – and wearing less than ever, something that seemed to many somewhat un-Lily, particularly as she claimed to suffer from body dysmorphia (where the individual agonises about being larger than they actually are). But Lily’s humour was all over the shows, and the fans, who sang every word back at her, loved them. Lily had to take a

regarding a Chanel dress that Courtney wanted to wear for the Brits, but, she claimed, Lily had “placed a lock on” it. NME also ventured that the argument between the pair was also connected to something Lily had said on Twitter about Courtney’s teenage daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. An amicable chat turned “really nasty”, NME reported, even claiming that the pair had to be separated by their respective entourages. Love was heard calling Allen a “little girl” before shouting, “welcome to the

way to this project. Special thanks to Omnibus Press’ Chris Charlesworth, Charlie Harris and Jacqui Black. And as always, Baz Smythe, with all my love. ‘What’s up, Tiger Lily?’ Hot Press, August 4th 2006, Steve Cummins; ‘Me, my dad and Dumbo’, The Guardian, September 22nd 2006, Chris Salmon; ‘Lily Allen’,, November 6th 2006, Scott Plagenoef; ‘A bit of lip’, The Age, January 28th 2007, Guy Blackman; T4: Lily Allen: Still Alright? documentary presented by George Lamb, July

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