Seven Events That Made America America: And Proved That the Founding Fathers Were Right All Along

Seven Events That Made America America: And Proved That the Founding Fathers Were Right All Along

Larry Schweikart

Language: English

Pages: 306

ISBN: 1595230645

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A conservative historian examines some of the pivotal, yet often ignored, moments that shaped our history

All students of American history know the big events that dramatically shaped our country. The Civil War, Pearl Harbor, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and 9/11 are just a few.

But there are other, less famous events that had an equally profound impact. Notable conservative historian Larry Schweikart takes an in- depth look at seven of these transformative moments and provides an analysis of how each of them spurred a trend that either confirmed or departed from the vision our Founding Fathers had for America. For instance, he shows how Martin Van Buren's creation of a national political party made it possible for Obama to get elected almost two centuries later and how Dwight Eisenhower's heart attack led to a war on red meat, during which the government took control over Americans' diets.

In his easy-to-read yet informative style, Schweikart will not only educate but also surprise readers into reevaluating our history.

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trying to overthrow the radical Islamic government there. It led liberal Fox News analyst Juan Williams to explode, “We are going towards a weekend of high tide for kowtowing to the Obama administration,” and Howard Kurtz referred to a “giddy sense of boosterism” among the reporters.103 A few voices on the Left began to question the media’s obsession with Obama. Phil Bronstein, writing on, lectured: “Love or lust, Obama and the fawning press need to get a room.” Powerful people like

Cavaliere, Rascals founder, March 10, 2009. 2 Ray Manzarek, Light My Fire: My Life with the Doors (New York: Berkley Boulevard Books, 1999), 14. 3 Barry Miles quoted in Peter Doggett, There’s a Riot Going On: Revolutionaries, Rock Stars, and the Rise and Fall of the ’60s (New York: Canongate, 2007), 174. 4 This was a well-established business trend of controlling the entire production process. See Larry Schweikart and Lynne Pierson Doti, American Entrepreneur (New York: Amacom Books, 2009). 5

Vietnam (“I wanted to write something that had to do with the guys in the field in Vietnam”), a convenient post hoc explanation that made him more “cutting edge.” At the time, the evidence suggests it was about a minor episode in Hollywood, and in 1966, very few Americans were attuned to the “guys in the field in Vietnam.” 47 Goodman, Mansion on the Hill, 317. 48 Doggett, There’s a Riot Going On, 394. 49 Ibid., 212. 50 David Dalton, “Finally, the Shocking Truth About Woodstock Can Be Told, or

Kansas land warrants, and stock in the Ohio Life company dropped sharply (with Ohio Life suspending all gold and silver payments on August 24). During the crash of these particular stocks and bonds, something unusual had become apparent: none of the other railroad stocks were dropping. But by October, a banking crisis had struck the major financial centers, and banks in Philadelphia, Washington, and Baltimore suspended specie payments, followed by the banks in New York. Even when all securities

twice as fast as when they ate nothing!56 Since Atkins published his high-fat, meat-heavy, low-carb diet, numerous other studies have confirmed his observations. A conclusive study in the New England Journal of Medicine that evaluated data on over 82,000 women found “diets lower in carbohydrate and higher in protein and fat are not associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease in women . . . [and] may moderately reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.”57 The study failed to include

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