Rush: The Unofficial Illustrated History

Rush: The Unofficial Illustrated History

Martin Popoff

Language: English

Pages: 203

ISBN: 2:00364003

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Fully revised and updated, Rush is a richly illustrated history of one of the world's greatest rock bands.

In 1974, a Canadian rock band called Rush took the music scene by storm. Throughout the 1970s and raging into the 1980s, the band grew a tidal wave of followers and produced such hit songs as "Limelight," "Subdivisions," and "Tom Sawyer." Inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1994 and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013, this progressive rock, hard rock, and heavy metal band is destined to go down in history as legendary. The band continues to make history today.

Rush: The Illustrated History is a fully updated, richly illustrated history from prolific rock journalist and noted Rush authority Martin Popoff. The book follows the world-conquering exploits of Rush band members Geddy Lee, Neil Peart, and Alex Lifeson from the band's formation in Toronto to their fortieth anniversary celebration and tour. Popoff's stellar history is complemented by LP reviews from a slate of highly regarded music writers, a thorough discography compiled by the author himself, and more than 400 photographs and articles of memorabilia, from candid backstage images and live performance photography to picture sleeves, gig posters, period print ads, ticket stubs, backstage passes, and more. The result is a visually stunning and authoritative review befitting the rock band with one of the most devoted fan bases ever.

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gussied up by Peart and his acutely tuned tom-toms. Down this tack, Rush presents a side four comprising the first album’s three heaviest metallers, including, of course, a swooping, dramatic version of “Working Man,” the song that got it all started back in Cleveland a short and action-packed two years earlier. “lt was frustrating,” Lee explained on the press trail for the double live set, recapping the band’s struggle. “We were turned down by all the Canadian recording companies. We tried to

including reggae and ska in some songs, and further developing the synthesizer sound they had explored on Signals. Although some long-standing Rush fans—those who prefer the more progressive rock-based sound of the previous decade—felt alienated by the new sound, others look fondly on the album. Neil Peart was, at the time, heavily influenced by the New Wave sound coming out of the U.K. with bands such as Talk Talk. As in the past, many of the songs on Grace reflect Peart’s interest in science

and “BU2B” are the most-behaved and Snakes & Arrows–like tunes of the eccentric bunch, both having been recorded a year and a half earlier and then trotted out digitally and live until we’re done with them. Sure, they fit the album’s heavy, tribal, combative totality, but the rest of it is where Clockwork Angels really heats up, evoking visions of Red-era King Crimson and classic Van der Graaf Generator as Rush immerse their listeners in a jungle of bass-dominated wattage from the back end of

leave. Youth is a Rush’s induction into the Rock Hall will be remembered for years as the one most propelled by populist uprising. © Kevin Winter/Getty Images very volatile thing. When we were younger we set a very high standard for ourselves and we always wanted to reach our goals. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves and worked very fast. We generally had very little time to work on our records because we were touring Various Rush tribute albums. so much. Everything that we ended up doing

1990 Peak U.S. Billboard: No. 51 U.S. RIAA certification: 2 x Platinum CD1: 1. Finding My Way; 2. Working Man; 3. Fly by Night; 4. Anthem; 5. Bastille Day; 6. Lakeside Park; 7. 2112: (a) Overture (b) The Temples of Syrinx; 8. What You’re Doing (live); 9. A Farewell to Kings; 10. Closer to the Heart; 11. The Trees; 12. La Villa Strangiato; 13. Freewill; 14. The Spirit of Radio CD2: 1. Tom Sawyer; 2. Red Barchetta; 3. Limelight; 4. A Passage to Bangkok (live); 5. Subdivisions; 6. New World Man; 7.

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