Roberto Clemente: Baseball Star & Humanitarian (Legendary Athletes)

Roberto Clemente: Baseball Star & Humanitarian (Legendary Athletes)

Lew Freedman

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Pages: 112

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Biography of baseball legend Roberto Clemente.

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honor on his home island. Luncheons, dinners, and parties requiring his attendance continued for a month. The San Juan Star presented Clemente with a trophy stating he was the best Latin American player in the majors. His popularity in Latin America was at an all-time high. ROBERTO CLEMENTE 65 By the 1960s, Clemente candidly said how he felt about his ranking in the sport. “For me, I am the best,” he said. 3 Some people did not react to that comment very well. They thought Clemente was too


toward his adult height of 5 feet 11. Going Pro Of all the teams that might spot the budding skills of Roberto and reach out for him, it happened to be the Crabbers—the team Roberto spent several years rooting against. Owner Pedrin Zorrilla was known as the “Big Crab.” When Zorrilla attended a Juncos Mules game in 1952, one player caught his eye. Over a period of a few innings, Roberto hit a line drive for a hit off the fence, made a beautiful slide All-Around Athlete ,Q  5REHUWR

might believe the outfielder was injured or that he was not very good, after all. This attempt to hide Clemente failed miserably. Branch Rickey, the general manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, had formerly been the general manager of the Dodgers and knew his old team’s tricks. Rickey had also hired a man who became famous as the top talent expert in Latin America. This scout, Howie Haak, was aware of Clemente’s potential. As soon as the Dodgers assigned Clemente to Montreal, ROBERTO CLEMENTE 39

For the first time, his athletic body experienced an injury that slowed him down in the field. He suffered from a back ailment in 1954 that was generated by an automobile accident. When Clemente was visiting Puerto Rico, a drunk driver shot through 49 ROBERTO CLEMENTE a red light and hit his car at 60 Off the Field miles per hour (97 km/h). Some &OHPHQWH OLNHG WR UHWXUQ WR 3XHUWR 5LFR WR SOD\ ZLQWHU EDOO +H HQMR\HG SOD\LQJ EDVHEDOO LQ IURQW RIIULHQGVDQGIDPLO\DQG

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