Resisting Nudities: A Study in the Aesthetics of Eroticism

Resisting Nudities: A Study in the Aesthetics of Eroticism

Florence Dee Boodakian

Language: English

Pages: 108


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This provocative book re-conceives the erotic and its imaginative manifestations as an aesthetic ultimately driven by the disruption of desire. Critical, philosophical, and erotic texts construct a framework for understanding the aesthetics of eroticism including a resisting nude grounded in a theory of absence and the psychosocial dynamic of physical and mental surveillance. Resisting Nudities offers a necessary link between the poetry of jouissance and the revolt of body and mind intrinsic to the erotic, at a key moment in our contemporary cultural landscape. Written through a poetic lens, it is a creative new analysis of what George Bataille called the most intense of human moments.

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oneself of; to depose, to deposit, to lodge is the other end of posing. The making of poetry is always in motion, in act, in Nancy’s words, “in the immemorial pluperfect.”17 Therefore speaking about the aesthetics of poetry is tricky and often can only be read as an afterthought to making that is in action long before it can be identified. The making of the erotic follows a similar path as the present Absence of the Other identified in Chapter 2 points to, that is, the “presentness” of Absence

staged private arena suffering from a lack of transformation or transgression and merely parades its participants around in their sexy lingerie. The interesting component of Reality TV, as well as Web porn, Boodakian.indd Sec1:56 4/23/08 8:15:48 AM Porn and the Erotic 57 YouTube, My Space, etc. is that the arena has moved expansively; however, the erotic has slowly faded out. A more restrictive environment has surfaced. These spaces heighten consciousness and bring participators and spectators

comes toward death rock the foundation of security. This is a scary proposition in a culture which has become accustomed to its staged sexual play and its packaged porn treats that require total consciousness, vigilance, and in some case, a credit card. Nancy observed that poetry declined “in a period when language was strictly controlled and exact.”21 Likewise, the decline of the erotic occurs under these same conditions. The difference in the case of the erotic is that the new spaces that have

the open social domain of global digital media including the internet. The unique twenty-first century dimension is that this is where the deviant and uncontrolled irresponsible citizen, once exposed, finds him/herself eternally there. The ‘new perceptual structure’ operates as a physical domain, but more importantly it is a mental space. A self- monitoring occurs and despite the physical openness of the space, the participator or spectator internalizes the systematic restrictions in the role of

exceeding identities, break down discontinuity and spill over into other possibilities imply a presence. Bataille stressed that the transition from the normal state to that of erotic desire presupposes a partial dissolution of the person as s/he exists in the realm of discontinuity. Continuity is what we are after.11 This continuity is achieved by exceeding being through the indefiniteness of the present Absence of the Other as characterized by the resisting nude. Keeping in mind that the

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