Lunch with the FT: 52 Classic Interviews

Lunch with the FT: 52 Classic Interviews

Lionel Barber

Language: English

Pages: 230

ISBN: 024123946X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A selection of Financial Times interviews with high-profile figures in business, politics, the arts, science and more.

nonfictionFrom film stars to politicians, tycoons to writers, dissidents to lifestyle gurus, Lunch with the FT gathers fifty-two fascinating interviews conducted at the unforgiving proximity of a restaurant table.

The list of people who have participated in this popular feature since 1994 reads like an international Who's Who of our times. Meet the rich and famous, the weird and the brilliant, the brave and the virtuous, all brought to you by the Financial Times' global network of columnists and correspondents.

This book brings you right to the table to decide what you think of Angela Merkel or Martin Amis, George Soros or Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Angelina Jolie or Jimmy Carter. Meet not just oligarchs and royals, but the co-founder of Apple, the codiscoverer of DNA, the tycoon who will pay African presidents to quit, and one of the Arab world's most notorious sons.

Every interview is illustrated with a drawing of its subject, making this collection as visually impressive as it is enlightening and fun to read.

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eyes – all slightly different shades. He is around 6ft tall, well built, lean and with closely cropped brown hair. Most entrepreneurs like to talk about the old days and how they got started. It is usually a safe, relaxing way to begin an interview. With Deripaska, however, the origins of his business empire are the most sensitive topic of all. At the beginning of the 1990s, just as the Soviet Union was collapsing and the old state-run industrial behemoths were being sold off, he was a student.

domain) but Gabbana has not yet been inside. ‘He won’t let me in,’ he says, waving a hand at Dolce. They will share an office, as they do now. ‘About three or four years ago, I thought, “I am exhausted by seeing you all the time!” ’ says Gabbana. ‘I mean, this is the conversation: he says, “I want yellow.” But I want blue. And then he says, “This shirt is giving me a headache,” and, of course, I have to say, “It’s my fault?” and then he says—’ ‘No, it’s not your fault,’ smiles Dolce. ‘So I

whether hunting the world’s most dangerous criminals made him fear for his life. ‘Both my family and I are heavily protected. But being a policeman here is dangerous.’ Serrano talked of the days when Escobar placed a $2,000 price tag on every policeman’s head. As a result, the city of Medellín lost 500 officers in 1989 alone. ‘I’ve been to more funerals than anyone else on Earth. One day there were 15 coffins lined up in the chapel. They hardly fitted in. It’s uncomfortable having so much

Moscow mayoral vote will be her main objectives in the autumn. Despite all this, Sobchak insists she is not one of the movement’s leaders. ‘To present me as the main face of the opposition movement is completely incorrect,’ she says. ‘I’m not a person who is “against Putin”. I’m just a person who is standing up for a fair society, for free elections. If Putin can do this, I think it would be the ideal scenario for everyone because there won’t be any revolution or any protests.’ It is this type

apologize: ‘Washington.’ Anyway, Combs’s point is that he raised money – a lot of it – for New York public schools and got fired up about the failure of government to address the youth constituency as it does the elderly, the unions and the veterans. He is selling the ballot box much as he would a movie or an album. ‘In the field of entertainment, right, people have said I’m a marketing genius. I didn’t say it,’ he says. I let out a laugh, halt and point out that he is happy to repeat it. ‘No.

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