Keep Moving: And Other Tips and Truths about Aging

Keep Moving: And Other Tips and Truths about Aging

Dick Van Dyke, Todd Gold

Language: English

Pages: 1

ISBN: 1504635493

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

[*Read by the author - Dick Van Dyke]

In this entertaining and inspirational memoir, Hollywood legend Dick Van Dyke shares his secret to staying resilient in old age.

Beloved Hollywood icon Dick Van Dyke will celebrate his ninetieth birthday in December 2015. He's an established legend, having starred in Mary Poppins, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and The Dick Van Dyke Show. And yet he's still keeping himself busy, entertaining America on television, in movies, on the stage, and on social media. Everyone wonders, ''How does he do it?'' For the first time, Van Dyke shares his secrets and tips on old age -- just keep moving.

With a fun and folksy way of addressing its audience, Keep Moving serves as an instruction book on how to embrace old age with a positive attitude. The chapters are filled with exclusive personal anecdotes that explore various themes on aging: how to adapt to the physical and social changes, deal with loss of friends and loved ones, stay current, fall in love again, and ''keep moving'' every day like there's no tomorrow.

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didn’t. What helped me through this tough period was the same thing that helps in any tough situation, the same thing that had brought me luck when I was struggling in New York with a wife and three young kids when I left the TV station where I worked and auditioned for every play on and off Broadway in order to earn extra money: I opened myself up to the world and all its possibilities, and the world responded. In this particular instance, I opened my heart. I let life back in. I realized that

course, and as their voices wove together in beautiful harmony, I stepped away from Arlene’s side and joined them. “Dingdong, ding-dong,” we sang, “Christmas bells are ringing . . .” If I had worn a Victorian-era suit, I might have sung with them all night. Inside, the house had been turned into a winter wonderland, starting with a tree in the entry that was at least twenty feet tall, if not taller, and decorated with such an abundance of ornaments and lights that I jokingly said to Arlene, “You

separated them. Those of us in the audience thought, “Oh my God, they lost it.” Then suddenly they turned and bowed. It was brilliant. A 1960 Nixon and Kennedy ran against each other in the presidential election. I had voted for Ike, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and I thought he did a good job. But I didn’t consider myself a Republican. I watched the Nixon-Kennedy debate on television. I thought Kennedy won hands down. I was surprised when a number of people I knew who had listened to the debate on

was built like a racehorse.” One day I visited her at the rest home. She was sitting on her bed when I came into her room. Ordinarily she liked to hear me tell stories about Carl Reiner, her favorite from Your Show of Shows and my boss on The Dick Van Dyke Show, but this particular time she took charge of the conversation. “I have some snapshots you’ve never seen,” she said. Excited, she reached behind her to get the pictures. Somehow she did a complete backward somersault in the bed. If you

And it didn’t sell. It was poor to failing. Horses and guns sold that year—no situation comedies. So I put it to bed. However, I had thirteen episodes lying on my agent’s desk. He was so upset because, as he said, the scripts were gold. He gave them to producer Sheldon Leonard, who wanted to try it again. But I said to Sheldon and my agent, “Fellows, I don’t want to fail twice with the same material.” Sheldon Leonard said, “You won’t fail. We’ll get a better actor to play you.” That better

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