Hidden History of North Alabama

Hidden History of North Alabama

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The tranquil waters of the Tennessee River hide a horrible tragedy that took place one steamy July day when co-workers took an excursion aboard the SCItanic. Lawrence County resident Jenny Brooks used the skull of one of her victims to wash her hands, but her forty-year quest for revenge cost more than she bargained for. Granville Garth jumped to his watery grave with a pocketful of secrets--did anyone collect the $10,000 reward for the return of the papers he took with him? Historian Jacquelyn Procter Reeves transports readers deep into the shadows of the past to learn about the secret of George Steele's will, the truth behind the night the Stars Fell on Alabama" and the story of the Lawrence County boys who died in the Goliad Massacre. Learn these secrets--and many more--in Hidden History of North Alabama."

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of body, and by reference to my books, give relief when you can. Examine the sick of soul, and, by aid of the truth, give relief to them if possible. You will often and sadly miss me, when I am gone, but you cannot realize it now. My former “charge” I leave with you; and would say; Fill up the measure thereof that I may return to you the sooner. With Heaven’s benediction I will now bid you adieu. William Pickens Drake, the author of the 1981 edition, added a letter that was not available

family plot in an unmarked grave. Conspirator George Atzerodt, who was supposed to assassinate Vice President Andrew Johnson, was removed to Glenwood Cemetery in Washington and later to St. Paul’s in Baltimore. He is buried in a grave under a headstone with the name Gottlieb Taubert. General Joseph “Fightin’ Joe” Wheeler, who had been captured and imprisoned at Fort Delaware, barely survived the horrible diseases that took so many lives in the prison. He was paroled in late July and returned to

December 14, 1903, the directors of the bank, which included his father, met and wrote a proclamation encouraging Granville to take a leave of absence for at least four months to rest. Dr. Francis Delafield prescribed rest and a voyage at sea. Granville Garth agreed to take the sage advice of the doctor and his business associates and left New York on December 19, without his family by his side, to make his way by sea to Galveston, Texas. Perhaps he was unaware that at the beginning of his

killed in the spring of 1865, residents in both the North and South breathed a sigh of relief. But it is quite possible that Quantrill was not killed that day by Union soldiers. In fact, evidence strongly suggests that he lived the remainder of his days in North Alabama. William Quantrill was born in Canal Dover, Ohio, in 1837. Because his father was a schoolteacher, he benefited from a fairly good education himself. Unfortunately, after he moved to Kansas at the age of twenty, he began to

to care for the wounded Mexicans. Dr. Shackelford was horrified. He begged to be executed as well, rather than face his many friends back home whose sons were now dead. And then there was his wife. He was forced, along with Dr. Barnard, to care for the wounded Mexicans. The partially charred bodies of Fannin and his murdered men were left exposed to the elements and wild animals. They were not buried until two months later. Dr. Shackelford and Dr. Barnard were eventually taken to San Antonio to

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