Harvest Poems: 1910-1960 (Harvest Book)

Harvest Poems: 1910-1960 (Harvest Book)

Carl Sandburg

Language: English

Pages: 71


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A representative selection of poems, culled from the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet’s published verse, plus thirteen poems appearing in book form for the first time.

“[Sandburg’s poetry] is independent, honest, direct, lyric, and it endures, clamorous and muted, magical as life itself” (New York Times).

Introduction by Mark Van Doren.

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and each to run away when they want to. I shall come just like that even though now it is early and I am not yet footloose. Even though I am still looking for an undertaker with a raw, wind-bitten face and a dance in his feet. I make a date with you (put it down) for six o’clock in the evening a thousand years from now. All I can give you now is broken-face gargoyles. All I can give you now is a double gorilla head with two fish mouths and four eagle eyes hooked on a street wall, spouting

and hope you won’t lose it. If you have two animal crackers, one good and one bad, and you eat one and a striped zebra with streaks all over him eats the other, how many animal crackers will you have if somebody offers you five six seven and you say No no no and you say Nay nay nay and you say Nix nix nix? If you ask your mother for one fried egg for breakfast and she gives you two fried eggs and you eat both of them, who is better in arithmetic, you or your mother? Little Girl, be Careful

changes among those leftover people the scattered ones the miasma missed their programs of living their books and music they will be simple and conclusive in the ways and manners of early men and women the children having playroom rulers and diplomats finding affairs less complex new types of cripples here and there and indescribable babbling survivors listening to plain scholars saying, should a few plain scholars have come through, “As after other wars the peace is something else

man calling for cash, Every day cash for beans and prunes. I wish to God I never saw you, Mag. I wish to God the kids had never come. Personality Musings of a Police Reporter in the Identification Bureau You have loved forty women, but you have only one thumb. You have led a hundred secret lives, but you mark only one thumb. You go round the world and fight in a thousand wars and win all the world’s honors, but when you come back home the print of the one thumb your mother gave you is

ocean of tomorrows, a sky of tomorrows. I am a brother of the cornhuskers who say at sundown: Tomorrow is a day. Laughing Corn There was a high majestic fooling Day before yesterday in the yellow corn. And day after tomorrow in the yellow com There will be high majestic fooling. The ears ripen in late summer And come on with a conquering laughter, Come on with a high and conquering laughter. The long-tailed blackbirds are hoarse. One of the smaller blackbirds chitters on a stalk

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