Eating Aliens: One Man's Adventures Hunting Invasive Animal Species

Eating Aliens: One Man's Adventures Hunting Invasive Animal Species

Jackson Landers

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 161212027X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

North America is under attack by a wide range of invasive animals, pushing native breeds to the brink of extinction. Jackson Landers has a unique solution to the problem: eat them! Combining thrilling hunting adventures, a keen culinary imagination, and a passionate defense of the natural environment, Eating Aliens chronicles Landers’ quest to hunt 12 invasive animal species and turn them into delicious meals. Get ready to dig into tacos filled with tasty black spiny-tailed iguana! 

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feel quite secure. I can tell myself, truthfully, that I’m the most dangerous thing in the woods. Even in the middle of the night, when I’m tracking the blood sign of a deer through thorns and scrub harboring black bears and coyotes and perhaps the odd mountain lion, I believe that. I know I’m the most dangerous thing in the forest and, because of that, I’m not afraid. I go forth in the woods with courage and resolve. Here, in the water, my courage and resolve are muted. It’s more a state of

for the gas it takes to get out on the water. There isn’t much of an incentive for people to start catching carp in meaningful numbers. If public demand for the fish causes the wholesale price to go up to twenty-five cents a pound, Cliff thinks that all of this will change. The fishermen will be able to pay their bills again, replace their tattered nets, and hire crews. More people will see it as a business worth getting into. If the public discovered what carp tastes like and came to value it

out-compete the native muskrats, and sometimes beavers, for limited resources. Both nutria and muskrats are herbivores that eat similar foods in the same areas. In the long run, the muskrats lose out where the two species overlap; the nutria breed faster and outnumber the muskrats over time. Also, large groups of nutria will sometimes attack a beaver lodge in force, killing the beavers and taking over the lodge as their own. They also have a dramatic effect on the native flora. In fact, the

The creature still managed to scuttle into the hollow center of an old railroad tie during the second or two before it expired. We had hell’s own fun turning the eight-foot-long hunk of wood on end and chopping out the dead iguana with the hatchet that I carry around for just this sort of thing. We could usually stalk to within twenty yards of a spiny-tail before it bolted. The critters spooked much less easily in the early days of George’s work. Also, hunting iguanas in a densely built-up area

“Frankenfish.” The species was bizarre to them because of its apparent lack of predators, sharp teeth, and its ability to survive for long periods on dry land. Some species of snakehead can grow to more than three feet long. The public’s imagination quickly processed this information and imagined an enormous fish that would squirm out of the water, crawl over the ground, and kill pets or even human beings. Suddenly, people were terrified — so terrified that two horror movies were quickly produced

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