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CliffsAP 5 Biology Practice Exams

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attached. After amino acids are assembled into a protein by ribosomes bound to the rough endoplasmic reticulum (rough ER), the endoplasmic reticulum attaches the carbohydrate. From there, the glycoprotein is shuttled by a transport vesicle to a Golgi apparatus where it is further modified for export. The modified glycoprotein is packaged in another vesicle that transports it to the plasma membrane. The vesicle fuses with the membrane, releasing the contents from the cell. 83. B. The function of

Krebs cycle Calvin cycle cyclic photophosphorylation 34. Two molecules with the same molecular formula have different biological effects. This can best be explained if A. B. C. D. E. 42 one or more nuclear envelopes histones associated with their chromosomes membrane-enclosed mitochondria membrane-enclosed Golgi bodies flagella or cilia with a “9 + 2” arrangement of microtubules one of the molecules has a greater molecular weight both of the molecules have carbon chains that are unbranched

According to the figure, which of the following is associated with the opening of stomata in a typical plant? low CO2 typ ic a l t an pl nt u le cc Stomatal Aperture su A. B. C. D. E. ve dr ry ys oil darkness high humidity low humidity low CO2 dry soil closed midnight noon midnight Practice Exam 2 88. According to the figure, the stomata for a typical plant under normal conditions are A. B. C. D. E. closed during the entire daytime and open during the entire nighttime open during

64. A. Gray snakes are well camouflaged when they sun themselves while lying on the gray rocks of the rocky islands. Similarly, banded snakes are well camouflaged while lying in the vegetation. 08_770272 ch06.qxp 6/1/06 6:22 PM Page 172 CliffsAP 5 Biology Practice Exams 73. C. Clearly, this is not normal photosynthesis. All three recorded variables (CO2 uptake, stomata opening and closing, and leaf pH) are typical of CAM photosynthesis. In CAM, the stomata are closed during the day to

is to produce few offspring, providing them with parental care to help them meet competitive challenges. Effective parental care limits the number of offspring that can be produced, so the strategy requires that the reproductive effort is repeated several times during the life of the individual. 85. A. An ectotherm is an animal that is dependent upon its surroundings for its source of heat. As a result, its body temperature closely follows the temperature of its environment. However, ectotherms

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