California: A History

California: A History

Arthur C. Verge

Language: English

Pages: 456

ISBN: 1118701046

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The eighth edition of California: A History covers the entire scope of the history of the Golden State, from before first contact with Europeans through the present; an accessible and compelling narrative that comprises the stories of the many diverse peoples who have called, and currently do call, California home.

  • Explores the latest developments relating to California’s immigration, energy, environment, and transportation concerns
  • Features concise chapters and a narrative approach along with numerous maps, photographs, and new graphic features to facilitate student comprehension
  • Offers illuminating insights into the significant events and people that shaped the lengthy and complex history of a state that has become synonymous with the American dream
  • Includes discussion of recent – and uniquely Californian – social trends connecting Hollywood, social media, and Silicon Valley – and most recently "Silicon Beach"

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30, 1767, to July 9, 1770 Matías de Armona June 12, 1769, to November 9, 1770 Felipe de Barri March ?, 1770, to March 4, 1775 Felipe de Neve March 4, 1775, to July 12, 1782 Pedro Fages July 12, 1782, to April 16, 1791 José Antonio Roméu April 16, 1791, to April 9, 1792 José Joaquín de Arrillaga April 9, 1792, to May 14, 1794 Diego de Borica May 14, 1794, to March 8, 1800 José Joaquín de Arrillaga March 8, 1800, to July 24, 1814 José Darío Argüello July 24, 1814, to August 30, 1815 Pablo

Battle of San Pascual (1847) Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), San Francisco Baylor, Elgin Bay Meadows race track Bay of Smokes, Santa Monica Baywatch (TV show) Beach Boys (music group) BeachMint beach volleyball Beale, Edward Fitzgerald Be Angry at the Sun (Jeffers) Bear Flag revolt (1846) Bear River Beat Generation Beaulieu Vineyards Beautiful People, The (Saroyan) beaver trapping Beckwourth, James P. Beechey, F. W. Belasco, David Bell, Alexander Bella Union Hotel Bella Union Saloon Benicia

Blossom (vessel) blue sky law blue sky law (1911) Bodega, Juan San Francisco de la Bodega Bay Boeing Corporation Boeing Satellite Systems Bohemian Club, San Francisco Bolaños, Francisco de Bolton, Charles E. “Black Bart,” Bolton, Herbert E. Book Club of California Booth, Edwin Booth, Junius Brutus Booth, Newton borax Borein, Edward Borglum, Gutzon Borica, Diego De Botta, Dr. Paolo Emilio Bouchard, Hippolyte de Boulder Canyon Project boxers Bracero Program Bradley, Tom Brady, Diamond Jim

this edition features a separate index of authors listed in these sections. Additionally, new maps, charts, and photographs are provided. Professor Arthur Verge remains as co-author of this new edition. Among those persons who have been helpful in its preparation are my long-time editor and friend, Andrew Davidson, as well as Larry Kocher, Galal Kernahan, Charles Johnson, Professors Robert T. Smith and William Doyle, and Milton Slade and Selena Spurgeon. A. R. 1 California’s Distinctiveness

L. Kelley, Gold vs. Grain: The Hydraulic Mining Controversy in California’s Sacramento Valley (1960). Irrigation is in Frederick D. KershnerJr., “George Chaffey and the Irrigation Frontier,” Agricultural History 27 (October 1953), 115–122; also J. A. Alexander, The Life of George Chaffey: The Story of Irrigation Beginnings in California and Australia (1928). On growing silk see Nelson Klose, “California’s Experimentation in Sericulture,” Pacific Historical Review 30 (August 1961), 213–227. Local

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