Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years

Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years

David Talbot

Language: English

Pages: 496

ISBN: 0743269195

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From acclaimed journalist David Talbot comes a groundbreaking narrative account of one of the most tumultuous periods in our history: the Kennedy Administration and its dramatic aftermath.

Though countless books have been written about the Kennedy men and their brief, tumultuous time in the White House, few have offered as many explosive revelations as this one. David Talbot describes a JFK administration more besieged by domestic enemies than has been previously realized, from within the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI, and the mob. It is against this dark backdrop that he charts the emotionally charged journey of Robert Kennedy, whose soul-scouring quest to find the origins of his brother’s murder led him, to his horror, back to the dark corners of American power that had been part of his portfolio: U.S. intelligence, Cuba, and organized crime.

From the Kennedy “band of brothers” to RFK’s hope of using executive power to solve Jack’s death once and for all, this probing work of history draws on more than 150 exclusive interviews to produce a bold look at power and vengeance. A topic of perennial interest, Brothers is a multilayered, complex tale of gut-wrenching history.

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too. He was someone Bob trusted totally. He was a first-class investigator. It was always hard facts with Walter, there was not going to be any bullshit.” After sending Sheridan to Dallas, Bobby dispatched another trusted Kennedy family intimate, Bill Walton, to Moscow, one week after the assassination. Walton carried with him a secret message for the Soviet government from Bobby and Jackie. It was the most astounding mission undertaken at the request of the Kennedy family in those astounding

conclusions. As the commission drove toward its goal of a unanimous report, Russell held out. At an executive session on September 18, ten days before the final report was released, the senator forced the commission to include a disclaimer stating that the possibility Oswald had coconspirators “cannot be rejected categorically.” Unknown to Russell, chief counsel Lee Rankin later had the disclaimer purged from the commission’s records, to expunge all signs of discord on the panel. But the

Kennedy’s White House political aides, says today. But in June 1961, Kennedy felt politically compelled to promote LeMay to the Joint Chiefs as commander of the Air Force. “He wanted to be protected on his right flank,” Kaysen explained. JFK knew that if he pushed LeMay into retirement, he would create an uproar in the Air Force and there would be one more retired general on the political circuit, denouncing his “no-win” policies. General David Shoup, head of the Marine Corps, was the only

days I’ll spend with you.” The following month, Kennedy’s small group of confidants grew smaller, when, six days before Christmas, his father suffered a stroke while playing golf in Palm Beach. It was the final blow in this harshest of years. The hard-charging entrepreneur—who had been deeply wired into the highest and lowest enclaves of power, from kings to mobsters—had put all of his relentless drive and paternal devotion at the service of his sons. Joe Kennedy’s emotional tides rose and fell

Helms and Harvey. This was, they believed with good reason, the only certain way of ousting the Castro regime. But the Kennedys would do little more than engage in pointless “boom and bang” exercises, in Halpern’s dismissive phrase, and play around with far-fetched coup schemes involving exile leaders who had no serious chance of replacing Castro. Bobby had a weakness for these brave if deluded Don Quixotes, often driving CIA officials to distraction by going around them and conferring directly

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