Amy, My Daughter

Amy, My Daughter

Mitch Winehouse

Language: English

Pages: 328

ISBN: 006219142X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The intimate, inside story of the ultimately tragic life of multiple Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Amy Winehouse (“Rehab,” “Back to Black”)  is told by the one person most able to tell it—Amy’s closest advisor, her inspiration, and best friend: her father, Mitch. Amy, My Daughter includes exclusive, never-before-seen photos and paints an open and honest portrait of one of the greatest musical talents of our time.

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different, even if that meant being nice to Blake and telling Amy I’d altered my opinion of him. When Georgette arrived we agreed to call a truce. Perhaps as a result, and with Amy and Blake still in holiday mood, we had a more rational conversation in which Amy and Blake said they wanted to get clean. I was delighted when they agreed to embark on daily counselling. It didn’t last a day. That evening we left Blake in the hotel while I took Amy for a full-check up with Dr Ettlinger at his

I told her. ‘I’ve only got three thousand left.’ He wasn’t sick: he owned seven horses, which he rented to tourists to ride up and down the beach. Amy told me that she owed him some money. I introduced myself and asked how much Amy owed him. To my disbelief, the answer was fifteen thousand dollars. Amy had discovered that the local St Lucian kids, who regularly played on the beach, couldn’t afford to rent horses from the man so she’d rented all of his horses, seven days a week, from dawn to dusk

she hadn’t had a drink, I congratulated her, as I’d learned was the right thing to do. I tried to be as positive with her as I could. We discussed her going back to the London Clinic, but Amy felt that she was okay dealing with the alcohol problem at Hadley Wood. But Amy carried on drinking and developed a severe cold. In her drunken state, she took too much Night Nurse and became ill. Andrew took her to the London Clinic in the early hours of 16 November, where she was admitted again. By the

she needed somewhere else to live, and quick. She still owned the flat in Jeffrey’s Place, but she didn’t want to go there, as it brought back bad memories. So, at the beginning of March, knowing that Amy wanted to be close to the centre of London, I found her a very nice flat to rent in Bryanston Square in the West End. Along with her sessions with Salaam Remi, she had also started working with Mark Ronson again in London. In mid-March, Jane and I took her to lunch at Reubens restaurant, where

me. I’d found it a bit unnerving, to have her just standing there. I told her she wouldn’t have done it, had she been sober; it had looked unprofessional. We had to agree to disagree. The following month I was out of London for a few days doing some gigs. While I was away Amy didn’t drink, and each time I spoke to her, I felt more positive about her recovery. I knew she would drink again, but it was beginning to seem that she had a real desire to beat her alcoholism, which she now openly

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